• Onvit

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The entire Onvit team is very grateful for the partnership of all our customers and suppliers during this troubled and atypical year!

Although 2020 took everyone by surprise with the whole covid-19 pandemic, which is still happening, and with all the adaptations that were made necessary because of it, for us at Onvit it was a year of growth and overcoming.

We are managing to finish the year with almost three times last year's exports and with the workforce doubled. We were able to employ new personnel and thus contribute to the local and national economy. We have opened three new markets, participated in virtual international fairs around the world, had network-building and got four new international certifications.

And yes, 2020 comes to teach us and make us reflect on what we need to do in the future and what our mistakes and successes were, but at the end of this year, we can be thankful for the performance of our staff and for our work as a single team, which has led us to remain on our feet with all these uncertainties.

Many thanks also to you, supplier, service provider and customer for being with us all this time and making us feel that we are on the right track! We hope to continue improving our work in 2021 and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year full of peace, health and happiness for you and your families! See you again in 2021 😉!

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