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The Benefits of Organic Food!

In today's post we will comment on the benefits that organic food brings to our body, and how it helps us to maintain good health and a healthy diet.

Organic vegetable foods are produced without the use of toxic substances such as agrochemicals and fertilisers. Such products are grown with the help of alternative techniques that protect the environment and the health of both the producer and consumers.

Organic food has more nutrients, is tastier, ensures a healthy source of food and still contributes to a more sustainable livelihood, since farmers treat the environment with the necessary respect. Therefore, in the organic production of cashew nuts is no different, our producers are certified, thus ensuring the delivery of safe and quality food to our final customers.

In addition, many professionals argue that organic food is tastier. The methods used in their cultivation, because they help to concentrate more water in the food, make the products taste better.

The benefits of organics do not stop there, they also help to preserve the environment, have more nutrients in the food, ensure the quality of food, offer more health to the consumer, cause less impact on the soil, have more flavour and aroma, protect the water sources, help save energy and move the local economy.

With this, Onvit is part of the organic supply chain where there are an enormous number of advantages, as exemplified above, both for the producers, processors and for the final consumers. So next time, think carefully before choosing a traditional food instead of an organic one, and you can also help in the propagation of a healthy lifestyle!

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