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The beginning of our process and how the raw cashew nut (RCN) is stored in our factory

The beginning of the cashew nut manufacturing process at Onvit starts with the storage of the raw material

One of the most important processes within the factory is the storage of raw materials. This is where we receive and control temperature, humidity, which are key factors for the final quality of the cashew nut kernel.

Our suppliers deliver the raw cashew nuts (RCN) in trucks, bagged and in variable quantity and weight. After receipt, the cashew nuts go through a pre-cleaning by 03 equipments: roller, fan and blower. The objective of this stage is to remove impurities and cashew nuts there are extremely small, underdeveloped and punctured, thus allowing a pre-selection of the cashew nuts for a better use of the kernel in subsequent processes. The cashew nuts that are within the standard will proceed to the next steps.

We then carry out the weighting, reception and drying of the raw material, where we will make the first analyses of humidity and quality (classification by size, quality and defects). Depending on the cashew nut humidity received, it will pass in the dryer for a period of 1 to 3 days and then it will be stored in raffia bags where it will await the next stages of processing.

Thus, it is possible to have an overview of how our company values the product quality, and how we make sure to follow the strictest quality regulations to deliver a safe and high standard product to our customers.

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