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Important care that we must have with the cashew tree!

Today, we will clarify what care the raw cashew nut producers should have with the cashew tree, so that it has a good productivity during the harvest and can be free of any diseases.

Evolução da muda do cajueiro
Evolution of cashew tree seedling

Like every plant, cashew trees requires care to reach its maximum productivity during the harvest, although the soil in the north and northeast of Brazil is extremely encouraging for the plantation of this crop, we cannot neglect the basic maintenance needs of this plant.

The cashew tree needs to be pruned, grinded and trimmed so that it is healthy and strong during the harvest period. Below is a calendar informing when each stage must be completed, this taking into account a harvest period when there is no advance or delay in harvesting.

  • JANUARY: Harvesting

  • FEBRUARY: Pruning

  • MARCH: Pruning

  • APRIL: Pruning/grinding/trimming

  • MAY: Pruning/grinding/trimming

  • JUNE: Pruning/grinding/trimming

  • JULY: Graduation/trimming

  • AUGUST: Graduation/trimming/harvest

  • SEPTEMBER: Harvesting

  • OCTOBER: Harvesting

  • NOVEMBER: Harvesting

  • DECEMBER: Harvest

To make it clearer we will explain below what each of these stages are, starting with pruning. This one should occur soon after the harvest is over, thus it should be done the cleaning of the cashew trees, which is the removal of all dry branches, sick or pests.

In April, we perform together with the continuation of the pruning, the grind and the trim, which are respectively: The breaking of earth blocks and leveling of the ground, and the trim is the cutting or trimming of low bush, similar to grass. However, the trim is also useful to remove grass in various ways, as well as from shrubs and smaller trees.

Finally, we enter the harvesting period, which is when the raw cashew nuts that have fallen from the cashew tree's are gathered manually, thus separating the nut from the cashew apple. After the harvest is over, the whole cycle begins again.

If you have any questions regarding the treatment to be given to the cashew tree, our agronomist will be happy to help you in this matter! See you in the next post ;)

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