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Have you ever visited our stand at a national or international fair?

Dear 5 readers, for the vast majority of you it is possible that you have never seen us at any international or national trade fair or business roundtable. But know that we have already participated in a good amount of them.

About some of Onvit's history so that you can understand the whole context. Onvit started in 2015 only with cashew nuts retail, we used to buy the cashew nuts and packed them in bags of small quantities to be sold at retail, as in supermarkets and so on. However, the intention of our CEO has always been to go further, so in 2018 the business plan was changed and we started to produce the cashew nut kernels and sell them in bulk to the domestic and international market, so we left the retail segment and small packaging, and entered with exports, bulk packaging and B2B (business to business).

Once our business plan was changed, our CEO Cleber Vidal Jr. began participating in national and international trade fairs to promote our company and brand. The first steps were taken when we participated in TecnoAlimentos in Fortaleza and the SIAL fair in Paris, all in 2018. In 2019 we did not stop, on the contrary, we started our journey in June at Agrofood in Tehran, Iran, then we went to ANUGA in Cologne, Germany, soon after we had an international business roundtable in São Paulo, Brazil, and ended the year at Israfood in Israel, Tel Aviv.

Now in 2020, because of the covid-19 pandemic all our trade fairs were online, but we have already participated in Business Connection Brazil, O2Lac, Thaifex ANUGA, Let's Meet: Food and Beverage and the international business roundtable of the northeast region.

All these experiences are very valuable and have brought us networking and immersion in both domestic and foreign markets. We just have to thank Apex Brasil, MAPA (Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock) and SindiAlimentos for helping us in the participation of all these events.

Now that you know what events we've been to, stay tuned to our social media to know where we'll be in the future, and maybe we'll meet there ;)!!!

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