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Classification of the Raw Cashew Nuts (RCN)

In this new post we will continue describing our production process, and we will explain how we classify the raw cashew nuts (RCN) and how the washing and second stage of storage occurs.

Continuing our production process, we will classify the raw cashew nuts, the ones stored in raffia bags, through an equipment that will clean them and remove their impurities such as leaves, stones, sand and pieces of cashew apple, which are a source of contamination and accelerate the deterioration of the raw cashew nuts during storage. The classification, carried out in an equipment with rotating cylindrical sieves, consists of separating the raw cashew nuts according to their size. The sieves classify the raw material in:

  • Extremely Small: product that leaks on a 17 mm diameter sieve;

  • Small: product that leaks on the 21 mm diameter sieve;

  • Medium: product that leaks on the 23 mm diameter sieve;

  • Large: product that leaks on the 25 mm diameter sieve;

  • Extra large: product that is retained on all previous sieves and comes out at the end of the classifier.

After the classification, the raw cashew nuts proceed to the second phase of storage, where those with a humidity between 5 and 12% are stored in the shed. After being cleaned, sorted and dried, the raw material can be stored for up to 01 year. The storage is done in bags of vegetable fibre (jute), with a capacity of 50kg.

After the second storage phase the raw material goes to the wash, where the raw cashew nuts are poured into a specific washer. In this equipment a second removal of impurities such as sand, leaves and other foreign materials takes place. In this equipment the raw cashew nuts are washed with treated water and float, then they go to the humidification silos. The heavy impurities are accumulated at the bottom of the washing machine and collected afterwards.

With these three new processes, we are able to visualize all the pre-production stages that happen with the raw material. In the next posts we will see more closely the transformation of the raw cashew nuts (RNC) into cashew nut kernels.

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