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Our cashew nut manufacturing process part 7!

Today we will explain how the following processes occurs: second stage of separation, cubitagem (breakage in smaller sizes), second stage of sieving and manual selection.

After the third ventilation stage, the cashew nut kernels are separated into splits (S) and pieces (P); the kernels are placed in a funnel, and through a vibratory gutter fall into a rotating alveolar cylinder. The pieces fall into the alveolus and then fall into the conveyor belt. The splits follow in the cylinder to the final gutter. The machine is also adjusted, depending on the sizes.

After the separation into pieces and splits, the next step is the cubitagem (breakage of the kernels in smaller sizes). In this process the objective is to grind and sieve the kernels to result in the granulated products (SP, SSP, G, X and flour), the kernels breakage occurs through 2 toothed rolls (combs). Afterwards there is the second stage of sieving, where the separation of kernels pieces (P) and the other granulated products occurs. The kernels go to a funnel which pours them into the set of sieves. The sieve has 6 screen options, which can be used 4 screens at a time. The screens select the following products: P, SP, SSP, G, X and flour (F).

Finally the whole kernels (classification W and its variations) and pieces (classifications B, S and P and its variations) go up to the manual selection sector, where they are organised by lot on platforms, and, according to the production, they are taken and poured manually in a funnel; thus the kernels are directed to the conveyor belts. The collaborators responsible for the manual selection are arranged along the conveyor belts where the kernels pass, and perform the selection (classification) through visual observation. The number of passage on the conveyor belt is variable, depending on the quality, type of kernel and conveyor belt speed.

With this we finished this week's post, we will see each other again in the next post where we will talk about the processes of manual peeling, oil roasting, second stage of centrifugation and dry roasting. See you there!

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